Industrial inspections

Industrial inspections

- Inspection of LPG vessels – Periodical inspections (EN 12817 & EN 12819)  

- Inspection by Expert for the ADR ‘Dangerous Goods’

-Periodic inspection of fuel tanks for the control of Volatile Organic Compounds according to directive 2010/35/EC

- Initial and periodical inspection of lifts according to national/European directives

-Inspector for Lifting equipment (Cranes, Elevators etc.).

Inspection of heating system with burners

The Energy Performance of the buildings (142(I)/2006, Articles 10,12 and 13) that enforced by the building regulations of 2006, all the heating systems with burners with an effective output rated power between 20-100 Kw should be inspected every 5 years. Scope of this inspection is to make the building more energy efficient and reduce the CO2 emissions of our planet.


Steel structure Inspection (Construction Inspection)

Our engineers and certified Welding Inspectors can inspect steel construction in accordance with building codes and regulations. 

Steel Inspection often includes structural bolting Inspection and painting inspection according to the structural drawings and specs (Eurocodes and EN 1090-2 and or international steel construction standards like ASTM and AISC)

  • Torque Testing
  • Proof Loading
  • Painting/Coating application
Our services for all the industrial inspections that need an accredited third-party organization could be arranged. TQES collaborate with leading worldwide organizations.

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